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Empor – introduction

Empor e. V. was founded in July 2005. The non-profit association is committed to aid in humanitarian reconstruction in Afghanistan. Since 2006, Empor is registered as an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Afghanistan.

Empor e. V. was founded on the initiative of Wali Nawabi. Mr. Nawabi left his native Afghanistan in the mid-eighties, because of the war. In Germany, he was trained as an orthopaedic technician and held that job for several years. After the fall of the Taliban regime, he decided to return to his home country in order to participate in its reconstruction. In spring 2003 he opened an orthopaedic workshop in Kabul, where he uses his specialisation that he had gained in Germany to help people wounded in war or disabled, and to give them a new perspective on life.

Many disabled people cannot pay for such assistance, therefore he must get financial and material support. For the long-term aid of persons in need, Wali Nawabi initiated the association "Empor e. V. - Aufbauhilfe für Afghanistan."

The work of Empor e.V. is supported, among others, by the Office of Repatriation Assistance in the Social Department of the City of Munich, by Handicap International and by the Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

More than 20 years of war in Afghanistan have left thousands of people injured by shrapnel or mines or having lost arms and legs. According to UN estimates there are currently more than 10 million mines and unexploded ordnance devices that pose a constant threat to the population and each day cause new victims. Therefore there is a great need for trained orthopaedic technicians who can supply the mine victims adequately. Especially female specialists are lacking, because according to Islamic tradition, women must not be treated by male orthopaedic technicians. The humanitarian and economic situation in Afghanistan continues to be unstable. Young women and men have little chance to attend quality training and to develop long-term career prospects.

Empor would help to improve the supply of sick and disabled people and to enable them to participate in social life. For the trainees and their families, learning a qualified occupation means an improvement in their economic and social situation.

Furthermore, Empor is pursuing the target of establishing a nationwide network of orthopaedic workshops, so as to guarantee the long-term supply of the wounded, even after one day the international aid organisations will have left the country.

in co-operation with City of Munich – Department of Social Services


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Empor e.V.
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